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5 x Antiseptic Disinfectant Sprays, 500ml

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This is being made by a UK cosmetics factory to meet the demand in the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. It is perfect for cleaning worktops or products when they are delivered to your property.  An essential for every tradesmen still out working to clean down tolls, van and work surfaces but also perfect for kitchen. We accept in normal times it would be a fraction of the price, but at the time this is written the product is not available from anywhere else and we have committed hard cash to buy a lot of it for way over the odds than the norm. We are only marking it up at a minimal and fair margin to cover our costs of running this crisis web site and keeping men and vehicles out on the road.

-General purpose disinfectant.
-Contains 70% IPA.
-Fast drying. No water needed.
-Made in the UK

Farms2Fork 70% IPA general purpose disinfectant is a UK Made, fast drying antiseptic that kills 99.99% of bacteria, germs and viruses. This product can be used to disinfect surfaces, utensils and equipment as well as being suitable to use as an antiseptic or antibacterial agent and skin cleaner. It can also be used to disinfect phones, computers and office equipment (apply to a lint free cloth and use cloth to wipe surfaces). No water needed – perfect for the car, office or workplace.

Ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol (Propan-2-ol) 70% v/v, Aqua (Water).