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100 x FFP2 Protective 3D Masks

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Our FFP2 Protective 3D Masks are from a reputable whitelist factory, and we have bought them from another UK company who are experts at what they do and have verified all paperwork and official testing reports for us.

We have also studied all the evidence and test reports that they have provided, to confirm that these masks have been tested and approved by a UK Notified Body (Test House) and they do pass the FFP2 Test.

There has been much debate over the need for masks over the last few months, but it is no coincidence that other countries have made them compulsory some time ago. The World Health Organisation (WHO) have now confirmed a minimum of 3 ply (layers of fabric) masks should be worn by everyone when you cannot socially distance and the Over 60’s and Vulnerable should wear a mask like this that filters to at least FFP2 which is up to 95% of all particles.

The KN95 mask has currently been receiving a some bad press, as there are some poor quality masks on the market and some fakes – although the problem we do not believe is anywhere near as big as how it is being reported by the press or releases from Government Departments.

It would be interesting to see if quite so much noise and distraction would of been made by Government Agencies about the quality of masks on the market now, if the Governments had its own house in order on PPE at the start of the Pandemic. Closing the door after the horse has bolted springs to mind – but not all people selling masks now are bad and not all masks are fake – although that rhetoric does create a good distraction for the NHS not having enough for many weeks and months from February and March this year.

Our masks are good, have been tested to FFP2 standards and have been supplied to us by proper companies who do this for a living and have scrutinized all the paperwork that led to their production and testing.

The mask is recommended for up to 8 hours continuous use – which would equate to 1 hour a day for 8 days.

This is not a medical grade mask and we would not expect it to be used in a hospital – but it is a very good FFP2 mask tested to the correct standards.

The price of this mask has now reached more conventional levels since the initial hype of the pandemic and for £129 we will send you 100 of these masks which works out at only £1.29 each and no delivery charge.  The items will be sent out on a signed for service.