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DELIVERIES OF MEAT PAUSED DUE TO HUGE DEMAND – Chicken Breast, Approximately 20 Succulent Breasts


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Wholesome, succulent and delicious chicken that tastes like chicken should. This pack of chicken comes fresh from the producer and is delivered in approximately 5kg packs (20 breasts). Try in curries, fajitas, and stir fries, or dip in flour, beaten egg, and breadcrumbs for a quick and tasty meal.

It will have at least 5-12 days date left on it when it arrives but if you don’t manage to use it up before then you can always freeze it for another day.


Please note, there is a sell by date on each pack but once you open the vacuum pack you must use the chicken within 3 days or freeze it.


Coming soon – 2kg packs (6-8 breasts) which is a more manageable size. For this first batch we had to get what we could as so many of you had requested it.