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2,500 x Disposable Face Coverings

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We are now winding down our operation and selling off the last of our stock at below cost price.

50x Packs of 50 Disposable Face Coverings (2,500 masks)


These masks are being referred to as Surgical Masks or Dentist masks and although in the past they have been used for that purpose, at the start of the Covid19 Pandemic we have been selling them as Disposable Face Coverings for Civilians to use in the street, supermarket public transport ect to confirm with the Government Recommendation of wearing Fabric Coverings when you cannot socially distance.

They are made from 3 layers of fabric by a professional mask manufacturer, so we believe them to be better than a homemade masks as you know for sure it has been made property.

We have confirmed that they meet both regulations. GB/T32610 and EN14683 and a good quality example of such a product compared to some of the other cheaper alternatives on the market.

Our team in China have been in and audited the factory and traced and verified the reports back to where they have been tested.

This product is in the UK now awaiting dispatch when purchased and will be sent out by next working day UPS Courier to your door.

This is not a medical Grade Mask we would not expect it in the Covid19 crisis to be used in a hospital or medical circumstances.

 It is definitely more comfortable wearing a 3 Ply Disposable Face Coverings over a thicker N95 Type 3D Masks but they may filtrate less particles – however does a very good job where face coverings are compulsory